Branding and Visual Identity
August 2020

Vergnugen is a speculative design and branding of a coffee shop based in Berlin inspired by the diverse culture that exists there, graffiti art, concrete architecture as well as the ritual of drinking coffee depending on a place.

Its visual identity concentrates on creating a distinguished, charismatic, and playful design through the gamma of three primary colors, urban photographs found on the walls of South London that showcase street parades and characters that emphasize with the rituals of drinking coffee in Italy (he barista serves the drink in a small glass at a bar, so customers can stand for a minute or two, enjoy their drink and chat before going on their way), Turkey (Their coffee is always served after the meals, and is poured from a long copper pot known as cezve) and Brazil (coffee ceremony can take hours—from washing and roasting the beans to serving at least three rounds of coffee—and involves traditional dress, incense, elegant pouring and a pinch of salt to bring out the coffee’s flavor).

In terms of the name, my main aim was to find a simple, yet unique to play with word that in a nutshell describes a ritual of drinking coffee no matter of a tradition or country. Pleasure - Vergnugen (in German) seemed to be the most accurate one as due to its form of writing can be used in many ways.