February 2020
Music branding became an important aspect of promoting and selling a new album and a key factor to be distinguished among other competitors. Bands became b(r)ands and artists started selling products, perhaps it could be possible to stand out without the beautiful and playful design? Isn’t music beautiful in its own way? Isn’t music an actual artefact that bonds an emotional connection with a listener?

According to the Hans Scharoun- German architect ‘form is a shell that protects a function’ that I use as a metaphor of music branding by resigning from musician’s aesthetics. In this project I’m excluding the visual aspect of an album and separate all the components that play an extra or promotional role showing an artist’s identity and focus on the raw object that is being delivered - which is music. In order to complete this task, I apply simple style which consists of black and white colour scheme and contemporary design whose typography and paper are inspired by old newspapers, however, they do not resemble artist's image. Besides, its format refers to the 12’’ vinyl packaging which always plays a promotional role, that in my case is deprived of that overtone. In contrary it only concentrates on the major function which is protecting the album and driving audience’s attention towards emotional engagement with the tracks. Moreover, this is also presented with use of the hand-drawn illustrations of ear, crossed eye and sticker ‘fragile’ that relate to the cargo style of a parcel, simply showing the main purpose of a delivered product. To provide a comprehensive reference and background information of an album, I have attached shipping label with the description of a band that is indented to transparently give an overview of a band.

Warsaw, PL

London, UK