December 2019

HUMAN BE IN is a self-created, PHONELESS music festival which I have divided into two parts. First one includes intelligent and personalised branding + user experience of a space and is showcased below.  It focuses on RFID wristband experience which in a smart way replaces mobile phones (it works as a USB stick allowing guests to use photobooths, pay without cash and card and locate their friends) in order to provide deeper festival and music experience.

HUMAN BE IN is inspired by my exploration of Haight Ashbury district in San Francisco which is known for establishing Hippie movement that was embracing love, peace, personal empowerment, cultural and political decentralization, communal living, ecological awareness and created own communities like Drop City. Moreover, I believe that during festivals power of music forms its own language which reconnects negativity from the world and creates a safe and positive space. Lack of phones can help deepening this experience and encourage others to BE IN not exist on the camera roll.

The design is some sort of a manifesto of music, situation on the world and addition to social media and phones. It is honest, simple and straightforward and is aiming to make you reflect. Specially organised spaced is divided into separate zones where each one has assigned different colour and pattern. Also, all the components of the festival like posters, wristbands, sections, photobooths etc. are presented with use of the repetitive colours, though they differ in patterns.

Warsaw, PL

London, UK